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How A Motoring Solicitor Will Help Your Defence

Motoring Solicitor – Common Motoring Offences in the UK

General practice lawyers who deal with all areas of criminal law won’t always know the intricate legal arguments (unlike a specialist motoring solicitor) that can be used successfully by an expert road traffic lawyer to protect your licence if you have been accused of any of the common UK motoring offences below; Continue reading

Paleo Diet Good Food List

Paleolithic Diet Facts

The Caveman (Paleo) diet comes from the Paleolithic era & so is often called the Paleo diet. Hunter-Gatherers used to eat a simpler diet long before intensive farming introduced cheap easy to grow foods to service a growing population.

The foods that we consider to be normal today, including Continue reading

Quality SEO Tips and Advice

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Introduction

Before you begin to improve your SEO you first need to establish why your site is not ranking well in Google and the other major search engines, Bing & Yahoo, then you can make changes to the right elements of your web design and content.

In order to fix or improve your rankings, first you need to be certain which of Google’s two significant recent updates has caused the problem. Large traffic drops on or near the 24th April 2012 indicate that the Google Penguin algorithm has penalized your linking profile.

Most website owner who are hit by Penguin see their exact match search terms hit hardest because they are dominate the websites back-link anchor text. The free Continue reading

Roofing Contractor Maintenance

Maintaining your Roofing

The first point of protection for your house is the roof. Roofing needs to withstand every type of weather condition all year round.

Small roof damage is often ignored but can quickly lead to more expensive repairs if not dealt with quickly.

In the UK the most common roofing materials are slate and Continue reading