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With the rapid growth of online gaming there is more choice of games and activities than ever before. Smartphone growth has driven the gaming industry and has grown consistently for several years.

It can be expensive to play some games, making it difficult for many youngsters and children to afford the cost. Lots of paid for games do offer a free option with restrictions on some elements of the game play.

Many old games have been recreated so you can play them on smartphones, chess, backgammon, draughts, patience, and now I Spy.

The original I spy game featured books with different collections of objects, “types of dog” “at the seaside” etcetera. The online version allows you to create your own collections of 10 items, so you and your friends can hunt for anything you like!

If you don’t have a smartphone you can play using a digital camera and upload photos straight to your PC and onto the online scoreboard. Smartphones can use the Apps for Android and iPhone devices.

The Viespy game is ideal for anyone running a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt, for clubs, schools, scouting, guides, groups, stag and hen events, field trips, days out, holidays, entertaining bored children and a lot more too.

You can easily create your own bespoke missions to play against your friends, or compete against the world playing one of the pre written ‘Public’ Missions.

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I Spy treasure hunts and scavenger hunts are a great way to entertain and amuse children for hours. Set up games for them to play where ever you are, home, holidays, days out, the possibilities are endless. See examples of completed missions here

You can set different points for items on your treasure hunt depending on how difficult they might be to find and photograph.

Each mission is worth 100 points if you find all the items listed. Every 100 points you win converts into coins that allow you to buy more missions.

There are already hundreds of different missions (collections of 10 items) for you to choose from, or start your own.

Download the App and sign up today and start playing Viespy ISpy today.

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