Roofing Contractor Maintenance

Maintaining your Roofing

The first point of protection for your house is the roof. Roofing needs to withstand every type of weather condition all year round.

Small roof damage is often ignored but can quickly lead to more expensive repairs if not dealt with quickly.

In the UK the most common roofing materials are slate and cement tiles. Thatch and shingle tiles are also used but less frequently.

Repairing minor roof damage will save a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Your roof has a tough life, protecting you from everything Mother Nature can throw at it, rain, snow, hail, sleet, freezing cold as well as searing hot sunshine.

The different weather conditions that we have put your roof under a lot of stresses.

The expansion and contraction with the changing temperatures of the seasons can soon dislodge, crack tiles and slates, or cause them to slip out of position.

tiled roof damage

Animals, birds and wildlife can also cause damage to ridge tiles, cement work, chimneys and roof spaces, which can cause tiles and slates to slip out of place.

People only realize that they need to call a roofer when tiles or slates are blown off the roof in stormy weather.

Just one slipped tile can allow enough wind into your roof space to blow the entire roof into the street. A seemingly small area of damage can quickly cost you your whole roof.

A common area of proof leaks is the flashing around chimney breasts and brickwork. Over time, the cement used can decay and break up, allowing moisture into the joint which then gets worse in cold weather as that moisture can freeze, breaking the cement further.

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If allowed to decay, wooden fascias will rot, causing damage to your roof trusses which support your roof structure. This is expensive to repair.

Most homeowners never go near their roofs until they notice a problem. It is often the case that a little roof maintenance from an experienced roofing contractor could save a large expense in the longer term.

A stitch in time saves nine, especially where your roof is concerned. Small repairs can save you much larger expense later on.

An annual inspection provides piece of mind and will allow your roof to easily withstand the worst of our winter weather in the years to come.

A regular inspection of your roof can prevent unwanted disasters from occurring by making sure that your roof is all securely in place and water tight.